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Canterbury Croft October 2022 Newsletter

This year has been quite a year for weather, sickness, and the economy. We have gone thru several major thunderstorms and rainfalls. But it has been very interesting for me personally because I am a former US Air Force Weather forecaster.  I am very aware of the damage the thunderstorms may cause. The board always visually inspect the trees and buildings in our community after every storm. We have been very fortunate that the storms have not caused any major damage to the buildings within our community.

However, the rain falls have caused many problems with our landscaping efforts. The problems are: washing away recently planted seed; increased erosion of existing areas that were just repaired; washed out areas where our downspouts are located; and muddy sidewalks and driveways. All these will require re-working in the future.

COVID 19 is slowly going away but is leaving a trail of deaths and illness. We hope to restart our public meetings very soon on October 12th at the Annual Meeting. We thank you for your patience during the last several years.

Question: Why does anyone buy a unit that is part of an HOA? There are many reasons, downsizing, do not want to mow grass, want someone else to take over maintenance of buildings and landscaping etc. However, you missed the expense that is involved in maintaining a large number of buildings, and an expended area of landscaping.

Other issues are still with us. WE ARE ASKING YOU FOR YOUR HELP. If you see a problem and the correction is within your capabilities and you have the time and funds. Pitch in and fix the problem.

Please help keeping our community as clean as possible, When the wind blows lose garbage is blown throughout our community. It would be neighborly for anyone that observes garbage caught in the wind to pick it up and contain the problem. We also ask when you observe mud accumulating on the side walks, use a broom and sweep the problem off the sidewalks and driveways. If the problem is too much call the office but keep in mind the response may take time.

Collection of garbage is still a problem due to inconsistent collection. We have no control with the collection agency. However, we contribute to the problem by allowing our garbage to overflow the containers. Please ensure your garbage is fully contained in a covered container.

Maintenance of Landscaping Grounds:  The most visible cost to the residents is the “Maintenance of the landscaping.”  This represents 33% of the budget. This includes Lawn mowing and edging; weeding of the common area beds; leaf and debris removal; pruning shrubbery and light tree trimming; tree and shrub removal and replanting.

Outside Contractor services provided by VSCA are mulching of flower beds (including private beds), turf fertilization; Entrance Sign bed Annual Flowers; tree spraying and emergency debris removal and cleanup after storms.

There are a number of areas that require attention. There are areas that are your responsibility garage door maintenance. Damaged garage doors need to be replaced and then painted.The painting of the garage doors requires attention. The board will investigate the need to address the color issue, painting your garage doors the same color as all doors on a unit by unit within the community. There are now currently many shades of the red and green being applied because paint colors are not mixed constantly when purchased. It is not the fault of the purchaser/owner. When the paint is mixed by different retail stores, the result is the colors come out with different shades of red, green as determined by the color them theme of the individual building.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in helping to make Canterbury Croft a great place to live.

Regards and stay healthy,

Joseph Kifolo,


Canterbury Croft

Bathroom caulking reminder

Re:  Reminder:  Caulking and grout condition around your shower pan(s) and/or bathtub(s) and Notice of Association intent to inspect interior center wall unit bathroom tile and shower stalls. 

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