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President's letter 9/13/2023

President’s Newsletter
September 13,2023
This has been quite a long, hot and wet summer so far.  Canterbury Croft has escaped any major storm damage. I hope we continue escaping any major storms the rest of the summer. No matter what,  the executive board will continue its efforts to provide you with a quality environment that you will be proud of to call home.
We have a New Board Member and we welcome Lee Gottesman to the Board. Lee brings a background as a business owner/contractor with 36 years of experience in both Commercial and residential.  Lee in recent years has been working with major hotel chains (Marriot/Hilton/Sofitel, to name a few).  Lee’s knowledge has already been very beneficial. Lee and his wife “love the community”. Lee is “honored to be asked to be on the Board” and looks forward to continuing his service to the community.
Landscaping Maintenance- Part of our Village Shires Community Association Contract is to utilize their Landscaping facility work crew. We understand there are Issues that continue to come up about the quality of landscaping services brought up at our annual meetings and phone calls.  This has led the Board to consider outsourcing the landscaping service currently provided by Village Shires.  Notice was provided to VSCA Board of our intention and issues, by requesting to withdraw from the section of the contract that detailed what the landscaping department of VS provided.
The Board solicited quotes from 2 vendors for landscaping services: Each quote  would have resulted in an increase in monthly dues over $100.00 per unit.  Our current pay to VS is already part of our monthly assessment per unit. Therefore, in July, the Board withdrew our request to sever from the landscaping contract. We will continue with the VSCA landscaping crew.
PET Care
I have observed, an increased number of pets walking the streets of the association, I want to remind you that your pet must be controlled at all times. We all need reminding of from time to time:

  1. Pickup after your pet,
  2. Ensure your pet is on leash at all times.
  3. You are not allowed to tether your pet on a leash unattended and fastened to a fence, or any part of the building, or to a stake in the ground.
  4. In the event you use your fenced in area, such as your patio, deck, or front patio area, you are responsible for ensuring you pick up after your pet. Be mindful of your neighbors right to not have a front reception area that does not smell bad from pet droppings.

We would appreciate any issues be brought to the attention of the VS office, so we can provide information to VSCA Board.
Some owners want control over landscaping of the flower beds that border their unit’s building. That area is common the responsibility of the association to maintain and determine the planting of plant types. The association provides maintenance and control over the ground and the plantings in that ground. The only way an owner has any say over what the flower bed is used for is to apply and be granted a private bed status. When the board grants private bed status the owner maintains the type of plantings, and care of the plantings. That includes plant food, watering, and insect control.
Just a reminder that if you have a deck/patio installed off your back sliding doors behind your unit the 2-foot area that encircles the deck/patio is the owner's responsibilities to maintain, to plant and ensure that is kept clean and presentable. In the event a plant requires replacement it is the owner’s responsibility.
Missing Lamp Post at Potters and Pennington. Our neighbor in the farmhouse is expanding. During delivery a truck hit and knocked down our lamp post. It was a truck delivering supplies to the farm from Home Depot. Home Depot’s insurance company is paying for the damage The post should be replaced in the near future.
Gutter Cleaning Fall- Scheduled before Power Washing. We have discussed the conditions left by the contractor for gutter cleaning in May 2023. We are soliciting other bids and will provide advance notice when service will be provided.
Power washing of siding – Scheduled for October 16-19th ,2023. Your cooperation will be necessary.
Garage Doors Maintenance. Please ensure your door is in good condition, does it require replacement, repair, painting, or washing? Our web site will inform you of the local dealer where you may purchase the appropriate color.
Trash Can Requirement - Lidded trash cans and not plastic bags.
Reserve Plan- The Association must have a Capital Reserve Plan to be fiscally responsible.
It has been 8 years since the last update, and while 2020-2021 proved challenging, the Board authorized an updated study about future capital expenditures. We expect the plan to be finished by January 2024.

  • Registration of Unit Occupants- Some units are not owner-occupied or tenant situations. However, all occupants should be registered with the office in case of emergency or for contact purposes.

  • Common Areas-Remove bikes and trash from all Common areas each night: It impedes ground crew work if not removed daily.

We are all part of the community and are vested in its quality and enjoyment!
Joe Kifolo, President
And your Board members

Bathroom caulking reminder

Re:  Reminder:  Caulking and grout condition around your shower pan(s) and/or bathtub(s) and Notice of Association intent to inspect interior center wall unit bathroom tile and shower stalls. 

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