To:  Canterbury Croft Unit Owners

From:  Anthony Brummans, Property Manager

Date:   November 29, 2011 

Re:  Reminder:  Caulking and grout condition around your shower pan(s) and/or bathtub(s) and Notice of Association intent to inspect interior center wall unit bathroom tile and shower stalls. 

As you all know by now, it is my intent to send this same memo periodically to all homeowners to make sure that you are aware of this situation and taking it seriously, especially those homeowners who live in the center units.  It is critical that all center unit owners make sure that your shower pan and tile/tub grout are properly maintained so no new moisture is allowed to penetrate into the wall cavity of the front stone wall. 

Failure to maintain your caulking and grout may result in moisture traveling into the wood framing.  You should never be able to see an open area between the tiles because moisture can easily penetrate those crevices and get behind the wall.  Both of these conditions need to be checked periodically and proper caulking and grouting needs to be maintained.  Also, it is important that you run your bathroom fans whenever taking a shower or bath because the bathroom windows are inoperable and the fan is therefore the only way to exhaust the vapor that will otherwise condensate onto the walls and windows.

You also know from previous correspondences that if you or a previous owner has not yet remodeled your bathroom wall, chances are that you will find that you have no green board or cement board behind the tiles to serve as a moisture deterrent for any moisture that is able to find its way back there.  We believe that the same is likely true for those of you who have end units.  Chances are there is no green board or cement board behind your shower tiles unless you or a previous owner remodeled the bathroom.  According to Northampton Township, there was no code requirement for that at the time the units were built but if new construction were to be done today, cement board would be utilized. 

This memo, in one form or another, will continue to be sent to all owners periodically just to make sure that all owners continue to perform preventative maintenance.  We hope you all understand that the intent is simply to be helpful to the preserving the interests of the community at large, of which you are all a part.  It is in that spirit that I hope that you find these occasional reminders helpful!!!