News Letter from  President Joseph W. Kifolo
January 27, 2021
Happy New Year 2021
In this time of uncertainty, the board is wishing everyone a safer year and good health. You can be assured that your Executive Board is working to help everyone live in an enjoyable, safe and secure environment.
Court Yard Fencing
The Executive Board has voted to replace Court Yard Fencing with a maintenance free White PVC Fence that will match the trim of the buildings. According to the HOA documents, the fences are a common element and are controlled exclusively by the association.  Unit owners are responsible for cleaning the surfaces of the fence.
We know that each resident has worked to make their courtyard an enjoyable area. The board wishes to make this transition as smooth as possible.  This effort is a community project and we need for your assistance.
The privacy fence is defined as the fence between an end unit and the adjacent center unit.
Some owners may ask “I like my fence. Can I keep it?
ANSWER: YES, you MAY KEEP your existing privacy fence with the following conditions:
1. Please email or call Joseph Kifolo at (267) 872-9301 if you do not want the association to replace your privacy fence or if you have questions about the installation in your courtyard.  We need to inform the contractor which fences will not be replaced.
2. The adjacent unit owner that shares the privacy fence with you also agrees to keep the existing fence rather than replace it with the new fence.  If not, you might want to mention that here. 
3. Owners who wish to keep their existing privacy fence must fill out and submit to the Management office an ACC request form.   ACC request forms are on the community website:
4. All fence and gates between adjacent center units will be replaced with the new white PVC fence material unless recently replaced, in good shape and BOTH center unit owners want to keep their existing fencing.
A member of the board will make himself or herself available to answer any questions regarding the replacement of the fences. For those owners who wish to discuss this, or opt out, an appt. will be setup at a mutually acceptable time with one of the board members.
 In order to accomplish the project all owners will need to clear all items from the fence area before the installers come in order to give them access for replacement work.  We will give residents advance notice of when the fence for your unit will be replaced. Please note, if your property is not removed from your courtyard before the installers come and it is damaged by the installer, you will not be reimbursed.
Remember, a board member can visit each owner to discuss the owner’s wish to keep the existing fence if necessary. Information will be coordinated directly with the owner.
Construction equipment and vehicles are specifically prohibited in Canterbury Croft. If you are having work done by a contractor and it is necessary for construction vehicles, equipment or trailers be temporarily parked near a unit, request for approval should be noted in the initial ACC request documentation.
Vehicles are not to be parked over the curbs or on the "common space" grass areas. This presents a hazard to traffic as well as infringing on the other owners’ rights and association property.
Snow Removal.
This past snowstorm resulted in a high level of frustration for snow removal workers and residents alike. Let me remind residents that our rules and regulations state, “NO vehicle may be parked on any street within Canterbury Croft when the snowfall is two inches or more and snow removal is in progress.”  Parking on the street impedes snow removal. Also remember, if you keep your vehicle on the street and you dig your vehicle out, that spot is available to anyone in the future once you leave it.  There are no reserved parking spaces in Canterbury Croft.
Respectfully yours,
Joseph W Kifolo, Canterbury Croft Board President on behalf of the Canterbury Croft Board