To:  All Residents of Canterbury Croft

From:  Anthony Brummans, Property Manager

Date:  May 24, 2017

RE:  Kids riding their bicycle over the grass and down the hill behind buildings #21, #23 and #27, presumably as a shortcut to where they are going.

Please be advised that the Canterbury Croft Board members have been made aware that there seems to be a small group of children that are using the grass hillside behind buildings #21, #23 and #27 as a shortcut to wherever they are heading in our community, or elsewhere.

If you have children who are doing this, please inform them not to ride their bikes on the grass.   If you have some information to share with us as to who it is, should it continue, please call the Management office so we can discuss the issue with the appropriate parent or guardian.

On behalf of the Canterbury Croft Board members, and for those residents who live in these particular buildings, we thank you.