Canterbury Croft HOA


March, 2024

Happy Spring.  I would like to give you an update on the state of our community. The community was power washed, and the grass re-seeded last year.  It is generally looking very nice. 

DRAINAGE ISSUES— In the past, heavy rains and winds have caused drainage issues that in turn create areas that threaten the foundations of the buildings. We are working to identify these areas to redirect the water from the foundations. Several buildings have had underground drainage systems installed.  A few more buildings still need to be addressed.  

Building Residing —- Due to a tremendous increase in the cost of Vinyl Siding, we have decided to delay residing for this year.

Garage Doors – We upgraded the fencing around the courtyards and that has really enhanced the look of the community.  We have also performed a review of all garage doors.  There are many doors that require painting or replacement. Nearly half the garage doors in the community need improvement.  

We have information regarding a vendor that is familiar with our community requirements and will be sending more detailed information under a separate letter.

We understand fully that the doors are the responsibility of the owners and that they are a costly item to replace. It is the owner’s responsibility to secure their own contractor and obtain a signed contract with them.

SNOW REMOVAL —-This year, the efforts to keep the roads clean and passable received several good comments. I would like to remind you, that during heavy snow periods, all vehicles should be kept off the roads as much as possible while the roads are being plowed. There was one complaint about snow within the bounds of the inner unit courtyards which were not cleaned from the gate to the doorstep. This service is not in our snow removal contract.

The board is investigating the need to add this effort to the contract.

TRASH —- This is a reminder that the trash from your unit needs to be stored out of sight and should not project smells that would cause your neighbors any discomfort or attract vermin. All trash should be kept in a container that has a LID and NOT solely IN A PLASTIC BAG.

TRASH REMOVAL Day is Tuesday, unless otherwise notified. Please ensure that ALL TRASH containers are NOT placed on the grass.

Also, please remember trash containers should not be placed outside before 6pm on Monday.

Finally, there are too many Cigarette butts being left on community property.

Please dispose of your cigarette butts properly. 

Thanks for your cooperation.


J W. Kifolo

President Canterbury Croft HOA